You are Creative!

You have ideas, but no space to create?

You are Genius!

You have brains, but no mentor to drive you?

You are Respected!

You crave recognition, but don’t have the credentials?

Earn your PhD. in Beckmann’s lab!

I believe in YOU! Let me SHARPEN your SKILLS!

Build biotechnology that changes the World!

…and I will PAY you!

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We are united in the goal of changing the world with our ideas. Along the road the system failed you. You have talent, brains, willpower, and consistency, but you were underestimated. Grades do not define you. Test scores do not define you. Grants and publications do not define you. Only your CREATIVITY, DRIVE, and PERSISTENCE define you!

Now you have a score to settle!

You will prove the doubters wrong! You are tough and resilient, or you seek to become so. You are willing to learn and be pushed to become the best! You can be coached and motivated. You stand your ground and work hard.

I want you!

I believe in your ability to change the world!

Beckmann’s Lab at Auburn University is always hiring undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, lab techs, volunteers, and collaborators. All backgrounds are qualified to apply.