Zombielzebub: Hell’s Invasion Deck of Cards

52 zombie playing cards: hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades, each with a unique drawing taken from the zombie graphic novel art series Zombielzebub: Hell’s Invasion. This zombie deck of cards is totally made to impress. The images are detailed to the limit of the eye, the finish on the cards is superb, the packaging is neat and clean. Look like a winning expert poker playing vegas millionaire playboy with this zombie deck of cards. Impress all your friends by playing poker with this deck! The zombie playing cards are rated R for extreme gore and nudity. It features zombies eating hearts and ripping off scrotums, scientists doing uncanny things to machines, generals blowing shit up, mutants, robots, bombs, grenades, this zombie deck of cards has it all….!!!!! Drawings were created by  stampedepress.com. Price includes shipping in the continental United States.

***** (5/5) – Totally cool. Love them. Thank you!

***** (5/5) – These cards are, to put it simply, epic.

***** (5/5) – First of all, the deck is exactly what I expected – awesome! With an added bit of humor on the envelope itself and an extra bit inside, this delivery exceeded my expectations. Thank you! (I purchased this deck for my boyfriend who is a magician; I’m sure he’ll love it.)

****  (4/5) – Great original art and received on time

***** (5/5) – Rad as hell; my friend Leah is going to LoVE this (a die-hard zombie lover)! Sick artwork, well-packaged, happy with purchase, thank you.

***** (5/5) – Package arrived very quickly. I got these to give as a gift and am so excited to see how my friend likes them. They’re amazingly detailed and unique. Thank you so much!

***** (5/5) – Fast shipping, cards look great. Thank you very much!

***** (5/5) – Great deck, not for the faint of heart! Fast shipping, awesome seller!

***** (5/5) – Thank you – very cool.